Strict Jane - Disciplinarian



I will hold you accountable Disciplinarian & Life Coach...

As a Professional Disciplinarian, I provide expert spanking services to people interested in spanking.

I am also a fully trained and accredited Life Coach, and implement spanking into my sessions.

Real-Life Accountability...

Feeling guilty? Procrastinating? Deserve a spanking? Need a spanking?

hairbrushpaddleExperience FemDom Spanking from a true Professional!

I am a Disciplinarian who will deal with both male and female clients. I also like to travel. If you see my service advertised in your city, it will not be forever. Take the chance to be spanked by a pro while I am available!

Firstly, you must complete my New Client Application form. I will not proceed unless this step is taken.
If I approve you for a session, you will receive an email response from me. The session time and location will be arranged between us.

I am accepting only a few applications for distance coaching at this time. See my Bookings page for more details.


I truly understand and respect your spanking needs, the need for accountability, and offer a unique experience that is second to none.


Sessions are completely tailored to your needs, reasons, tolerance, etc. From OTK hand spanking, to restrained corporal punishment, my expertise is relevant for all spanking enthusiasts.


I have a wide selection of implements to match your spanking needs. Implements include wooden spoon, hairbrush, paddle, belt, strap, tawse, switch, cane, nylon/poly rod, etc. All of varying sting/thud ratios and intensity. There are many more both interesting and unique. My favorite implements to use are the rubber strap for a stingyness that truly builds and the cane for its elegant and traditional striations of white hot pain, delivered with precision. .

Whether you are a novice who would like an introduction, or a complete spanko ready to take the next step in professional spanking services, I will cater a session to suit your particular needs. Please see my Disciplinarian page for more details about this service.

Life Coaching Service

Life can get in the way of living your dreams. As a Life Coach, I can help you clarify your goals and conquer the obstacles that are holding you back. Life coaching sessions are beneficial, helping you break through limiting beliefs and create goals and weekly actions. Make a decision to do all the things that you know will improve your life, and be held accountable by Strict Jane.


I have created a uniquely effective way of coaching clients, with my inclusion of physical punishment. This is your chance to be professionally coached by a legitimate professional who spanks! It has shown time and time again to motivate and remove limiting emotional baggage. Sessions with me are completely confidential, private, and professional. I treat my clients with respect, and help them to achieve more out of life.