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- Chris, Blown Away, UK.

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Jonathon Coaching Client, 3 Months

Working with Jane has definitely been a game changer for me. She helped me see things in a new light which has unblocked and reframed some fears I've carried for most of my life. I can't believe how good it feels to get rid of that baggage! Under Jane's supervision I became very motivated to change my bad habits and now I'm fitter, happier and more comfortable within my own skin.

DougInitial Discipline Session

Strict Jane is phenomenal and I am feeling the effects of her efforts both on the disciplinary side as well as the coaching aspect. Talk about a win-win situation! This was my first session and my only regret is that I did not find her sooner. I will definitely be back! What makes Strict Jane so awesome and effective is her professionalism coupled with her strength and compassion. This was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Strict Jane!

GeorgeInitial Consultation

I didn't know what to expect when I visited Strict Jane. I found a surprising combination of intelligence, attentiveness, caring, and strict discipline. I was honest with her and she was straight with me. She has lots of tools and she knows how to use them, yet I felt kindness and respect from her. I'll be back for more of her intense heat. Strict Jane WILL hold you accountable.

DianaCoaching Client, 6 Months

I have been speaking with Jane each week for a number of months as she has truly helped me to work through some old grief and rage issues. Jane's use of discipline, combined with her caring and supportive approach, is the right combination of strict and soft that I needed. It was wonderfully cathartic and broke down my barriers so I could rebuild myself. Jane's approach has been more effective than the many years of traditional therapy I invested in previously.


Phone Consultation

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Foundational Coaching

  • 4 x 60 Minute Calls (weekly)
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Past Reviews Part 1

Past Reviews Part 1

I always wanted to work with people in making their lives better, yet I could never have foreseen the journey I was to take when I trained as a life coach. There is a wide range of people out there who are seeking discipline and life coaching; and who are excited try a combination of the two in order to optimise themselves. It’s so rewarding when a person opens their heart, mind and body to my process. In return, they gain new levels of self-awareness, acceptance and confidence, sometimes for the first time. Discipline is a torch that will burn through many obstacles in life.

Strict JaneDiscipline Consultant
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Join me on a Zoom call (for approved applicants only) in 2021, where we will discuss all things discipline-related. No further in-person sessions available for remainder of 2020.

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When you are in the grip of an all-consuming need for discipline, no matter the form it takes, you know you’re going to have to ride it out. Your lack of discipline might last a day or two, or it could go on for much longer. Maybe you’ll have someone you can talk to about it, such as a professional or a friend. I’m available, of course, to coach you through such moments. If you’re really lucky, or just super-organised, you’ll find someone you can partner with to help you deal with it in person. But what if you can’t …

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The thief of time. Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something that needs to be done. It’s where we put things off, and often, instead of doing the thing we’re meant to do, we put things back in; silly things, useless things, pleasurable things, useful things, endless things…you name it and someone will be doing it! If you put ‘Types of Procrastination’ into a search engine, you’ll see many different categorisations of procrastination. It’s amazing how many models and explanations exist to describe the phenomenon, but not surprising. After all, who of us has not indulged in a little …

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I Think, Therefore I Feel

How Conscious Thought Leads to Beneficial Feelings Do not be a slave to your passions. Make them work for you! Strict Jane In my previous article [HERE], I explained how our thoughts create pathways that the mind will default to, and that it is just as easy for the brain to foster a network of supportive thoughts as it is to foster a myriad of unsupportive thoughts. The point is that YOU get to choose which thought pathways you’ll build and strengthen. The same applies in respect to your FEELINGS. You have the ability to consciously encourage a series of …

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