In a Single Consultation, you will have 60 minutes in which to discuss whatever is on your mind. You will already have completed the Application form, so we will briefly review it and launch straight into the meaty part of the session.

You may use this time to talk about your needs or get coached on a burning issue, or you may want to receive remote discipline.

Double Consultation = Initial + Follow Up

A Double Consultation is designed to fit within a 30 day period so that you stay motivated and active within a short period of time. You’ll achieve a lot during this intense period.

Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation will begin with a little chit-chat and a review of your Application, then we will launch into the main segment of our discussion.

You may use this time to talk about your needs or get coached on a burning issue, or you may want to receive remote discipline. You will then have a period of two weeks to implement all that we discuss. I will expect you to complete each of your commitments in time for your Follow Up Consultation.


If you choose to be coached during your double consultations, we will work on crafting your top goals (3 max) and the actions necessary to work towards those goals. I will also dig into my coaching toolkit to work on some other areas, such as your identity, beliefs and values. You will be well-equipped to start putting everything we talked about into action by the end of our call. 

You’ll have two weeks of email support following this call, and another two after the Follow Up call. That means that you can send me an email each day within that period (if you need to) and expect a timely reply.

This is a very good time to take massive action and report back to me with your progress. I will give you feedback and encouragement, as well as accountability. I may ask for evidence of certain tasks being performed and the very fact of my watching your progress may be enough to motivate you.


If you chose discipline alone, you will have 60 minutes of guided correction ahead of you. You will have completed the questionnaire before we speak so I will have a good idea of what you are seeking. I will start by having a little chat with you about where you are in life and why you need discipline. If your discipline is to be attached to real life issues, we will recall those issues in detail and you may receive a lecture on that topic.

It will be ideal for this session to be conducted via an online video service such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, GoogleMeet or Skype. I will be able to see what you are doing and you will have the added thrill of knowing I am watching as you are disciplined. Don’t worry if this is not possible (or preferable for you), as I am equally able to run discipline sessions during an audio-only call.

It will then be time for the discipline itself to get underway. You will have prepared an appropriate setting, as discussed via email in advance. I will tell you exactly what to do in terms of your discipline, and you will follow my instructions to the tee. I will not let you off easily and I will expect you to work hard and to push yourself. It will feel as though I am right there with you.

At the end of your discipline segment, we can have another little chat if you like, or you might feel like being quiet so that you can internally process things. Do let me know how you’re feeling when I ask you, and I will finish the call in the most appropriate way for you at that time. 


If you choose a combination of coaching and discipline, the first half of the call will be dedicated to working on your goals (3 max) with inclusive action steps. The second half will be all discipline, which will be themed at eliminating the bad habits and obstacles that might otherwise get in the way of your progress. By the time our call ends, you will be thoroughly disciplined and motivated to complete your actions and reach that goal.

Follow Up Consultation

You will have been working on your goals and/or behavioural changes for the past two weeks. This 60 minute consultation will loosely follow the format of our first call, with elements of life coaching or discipline included once more.

There will be plenty of time for trouble-shooting any issues that came up for you in the past two week. These may be well-established habits or thought patterns that have been holding you back in many ways throughout your life. I will be quick to get to the bottom of these and work on reframing or eliminating them, using whatever I think will work best for you at the time.

By the end of this call, you will know what you need to work on over the next two weeks. We will maintain email contact so that you are regularly checking in with me via progress reports. You will have another two weeks of intensive change and action.


Because your progress is important to me, I will even include a BONUS 15 Minute Final Call to seal off the total 4 weeks. We will review all your efforts, insights and changes over the month and celebrate everything you have achieved. This is only available if you have remained active and in contact with me throughout the 4 week period and we have some real success or huge efforts to celebrate. Think of this bonus call as a little reward for all your hard work, although the true reward will be your own empowerment.

If you find that you love working with me and want more of it, you are welcome to sign up for another month (simply book another Double Consultation), or you might consider my coaching program, which is particularly helpful if you have a long-term goal you’d like to achieve.

I’m only a phone call away!

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