About Strict Jane


Strict Jane holds a Bachelor's degree in the Health Sciences, and she has mindfully applied a scientific approach to the art of discipline to observe the most effective means to an end...a very sore, reddened end. Strict Jane later completed a Life Coaching accreditation course in order to contribute holistically to the betterment of those she worked with.

At first, she coached as a traditional life coach, where success was celebrated cheerfully and failure was punished with either an emotional dressing-down or with pre-arranged monetary fines. Neither punishment was as effective as she could have wished. With further experimentation, she found that she could create powerful leverage with physical, tangible pain as a negative consequence. Strict Jane soon expanded her practice to include physical discipline as a means of negative reinforcement for client laziness, willful lack of action and subsequent failures. It was highly effective when applied in a consensual manner as a pre-agreed punishment for specific offenses.

Rather than allowing a client to 'beat themselves up' mentally after a failure, Strict Jane discovered that rapid and immediate erosion of negative emotions was possible through spanking with intention. One such session can eliminate a year's worth of guilty emotional baggage, leaving a client feeing joyously light and free. It can also relieve and remove other pent-up emotions, such as grief, anger, fear and frustration. Strict Jane believes that spanking should be viewed as yet another valid form of therapy available to those who seek emotional release with a physical method. Whether we call it life coaching or therapy, the results are immediate and have long-lasting effects in many cases. Strict Jane needs to understand what it is that drives you to see her. She will then tailor your session to your needs for the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

With extensive experience coaching clients in various areas of their lives, Strict Jane now prefers to specialize in the health and productivity of her clients. Just as she pursues her own health and vitality extensively, so she will help you to nurture yours. Strict Jane leads by example. She will focus on your diet first and foremost, as the food you put into your body accounts for at least 80% of your success in weight loss, improved health and prevention of modern illnesses. Strict Jane will also work with you to improve your strength, flexibility and cardiopulmonary conditioning through leveraged accountability. Once your body's physical state has been assessed and optimized, Strict Jane will work with you to improve your mental outlook and to increase your productivity at work and at home. People around you will start to wonder what your secret is, but of course, we won't tell! Strict accountability with Strict Jane will help you to achieve more, whether she works with you for one month or six months. It is vastly effective in-person and often just as effective via phone conversations (with self-spanking under Strict Jane's supervision).

For centuries, men and women have sought spanking as an archaic form of titillation, while Strict Jane believes it is capable of far more than sheer amusement or kinky pleasure. She is often in awe at the positive, emotional outcomes that clients report in the days and weeks following their session.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the discipline-only component, Strict Jane also implemented a purely disciplinary service, where she applies straightforward discipline of a traditional manner, whether you have a valid reason for it or not. She takes great pleasure in administering precise corporal punishment and in attuning herself to your pain tolerance. Please see the Discipline Page for more details about this service.

Strict Jane provides both Life Coaching and Disciplinarian services. See the Bookings Page to arrange Life Coaching or Discipline sessions or for contact details.