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KurtLos Angeles, USA

Strict Jane stands out from all the other Life Coaches with her warmth and genuine enjoyment of providing discipline. During my first consultation, I found myself telling her my every thought as I grew increasingly confident that this intelligent, efficient lady understood what I needed. I look forward to a long, productive coaching relationship with her.

TonyChicago, USA

During my one hour phone consultation, Jane gave me an unforgettable experience that I would have thought impossible until I tried it. Jane told me exactly what to do and I had no way out of it. The sensation I felt afterwards, of feeling relieved and uplifted, was just what I needed. Amazing! Jane's life coaching techniques from afar have been EXTREMELY effective. Thank you Jane for the incredible experience. Will most definitely be in contact with her on a monthly basis to continue my progress.

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I was expecting a strict and unfeeling disciplinarian. To my suprise, Jane knows how to take control and be strict, but she is also delightfully kind, funny and very understanding. I have been speaking with Jane weekly for a month now, and the improvements she has cultivated in my life are remarkable.

- George, London, UK

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