Arranging a Session with Strict Jane

New Availability! Travel Notice!

Strict Jane is planning to be available in several US cities during October 2017. The following are under consideration:

  • Los Angeles/San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC
  • Miami/Orlando
  • Chicago
  • Dallas/Fort Worth

  • If you have met with Strict Jane in previous years, please reach her at the below email address to express your interest in seeing her in any of the above locations. Mention your name and details of your last session with her, as well as what you seek in a new session.

    If you have not met Strict Jane, please complete the New Client Application form with personal details and a description of your ideal session.

    Travel to these cities will be decided once all expressions of interest have been considered. Strict Jane’s October travel schedule will be sent to all viable applicants.

    Looking forward to many sore, red bottoms!

    Online Accountability Service

    Although busy, I am available for a limited number of clients seeking online coaching or distance spanking.

    How it works:

    Weekly conversations
    (no video talk) and email contact.
    You will let me know what it is that you'd like to change or improve in your life.
    I will hold you accountable.
    When you fail, you must complete a punishment from afar while I listen.
    It may include self-spanking while I direct you on the phone, or cold showers, or writing lines. You will feel the consequences of failure to please me in a very real way.
    When you succeed at any goal, I will be very pleased to hear about it. You will not be alone in your endeavors.

    An example of a current arrangement:

    This client is a retired gentleman who was lonely, living in a cluttered house after years without a wife. He rarely bothered to cook proper meals for himself. Important papers were unattended to, piled up on the dining room table. Most rooms were full of old mementos, boxes, books and unwanted furniture. He rarely went out. It was a depressing way to live, until I got hold of him! Months later...Each week he must complete certain tasks such as sorting through old boxes and throwing away/donating things, as well as organizing his paperwork and eating more healthily. He must paddle himself with a large bath brush when he fails to complete every task he agrees to. This occurs frequently and yet progress is being made. Results to date: 40% of clutter removed (project is large and ongoing) and rooms are starting to look more spacious. Improved health due to new eating habits with balanced meals being cooked at home. Paperwork is all neatly filed. New travel goals have been set and small road trip has been undertaken with great enjoyment. Part-time work opportunities are being explored. He has a new female companion after online dating. As a result of his accountability to me, he is now happier, more productive and hopeful about his future.

    If the attention of a strict and caring lady would be of benefit to your life, please send an email to my address below.




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