Strict Jane - Life Coach

Here’s a 2019 interview I did with Andy for his 'Someone’s Gonna Get It’ blog.

I am a professionally trained and qualified Life Coach. As you are probably aware by looking through this site, I have tailored my Life Coaching sessions to be (in my experience) more effective for those interested in my unique though admittedly unorthodox approach which incorporates physical discipline.

Transform your hopes and dreams into manageable goals and actions, culminating with the manifesting of your destiny, with expert help.


Perhaps you…

  • are confused about what to do next
  • want to shake things up and expand your realm
  • want more work/life balance
  • need to give up bad habits such as smoking, over-eating, procrastination.
  • desire strong, lasting relationships
  • wish to improve your finances
  • need to lose weight and be healthy
  • value personal development
  • need someone to bounce ideas off
  • want more fun and celebration in your life                

With all of these and more, I can help you.

Life Coaching Format

Life coaching involves regular, private sessions, ideally weekly, where you are encouraged to be the best you can be. I provide consistently honest feedback and the encouragement to succeed, with tangible punishments for failing to achieve your set actions and goals.


In your initial life coaching session, we will firstly identify the life areas you wish to improve, and what irks or inspires you. You will create powerful written goals. You will then learn to chunk your goals down into manageable and concrete action steps to get you moving towards your goals. Through regular planning, discussion and goal setting, you will make changes in your chosen life areas.


Don’t be surprised if amazing things start to happen in other areas of your life as you stretch and develop new awareness about yourself and those around you. Life coaching tends to shake things up, and while it is not an easy process, the pieces will settle into a fantastic new pattern - a life of your design.


Coaching with Discipline

Every individual is different in how they wish to get started with their life coaching program. We can begin sessions the traditional way, and only resort to physical discipline when you really need to be pushed. Or, if you feel it is necessary, the first session may include the discipline of a therapeutic spanking to get you started afresh without any emotional burdens. Again, this is only for those who know or suspect that they will benefit from such treatment. We will discuss your needs and wishes in detail, before taking any action.


Emotional Versus Physical Negative Reinforcement

Traditional life coaching typically does involve use of negative reinforcement techniques, which is necessary for those of us who naturally move away from pain and towards pleasure.  This is usually achieved by a coach highlighting the negative emotions attached to an unwanted event, which are painful, and this motivates a client to accordingly act to avoid this event and therefore these emotions. Another form of negative reinforcement is where a preset monetary fine is imposed for action steps not completed as promised, usually with funds going to a charity of the client’s choosing.


Although trained as a traditional Life Coach, I eventually added physical discipline as a form of negative reinforcement into my coaching practice, as it proved to be a reliable method of punishment with quick results. Emotional pain is not as conducive to productivity. I prefer to discipline, rather than cause emotional blackmail or charge monetary fines for not meeting your goals. I rapidly provide negative consequences when clients have let themselves down, and praise and encourage all positive behaviors. Clients will not be left to wallow in self-loathing for unaccomplished tasks.


Physical pain from a spanking is instant, measurable, and tangible. It is a pre-agreed punishment, and once it is over, it is over. No lingering guilt to prevent you from your goals and success. When I used to charge a monetary fine, people would still feel guilty after paying up, and still kick themselves further for not being successful. With a good spanking, the slate is wiped clean and they are emotionally better-equipped to continue, often far more capable than before. Pain can lead to crystal clear clarity.


Physical punishment is simple. Didn't get it done? "Well, that’s 10 strokes of the strap after a thorough warm up spanking, as agreed upon last week!" It costs nothing more than a few tears and a red bottom, then it is over. Guilt is replaced by a light, happy feeling, and you will remember the sore bottom for a few more days, which will further motivate you to complete your new goals on time. An old-fashioned spanking for not achieving goals is both an effective threat in getting results, and effective therapy for eliminating guilt when things are not done as promised. Physical discipline is just another tool in my toolkit of the coaching trade. It is not for everyone, but it constantly amazes me with the results it produces.


As you progress through the coaching sessions, you will learn to be more responsible and to accomplish all that you say you will achieve. Your life will begin to change as you grow and do more with it. People will start to notice that there is something different about you. You may develop a magnetic sort of charm that draws people towards your success. It is because you are learning to empower yourself and to let go of old, unproductive, limiting thoughts and habits.

How do I sign up?

Take the plunge, and join me for a better life, with Strict Jane's Life Coaching - I will hold you accountable!


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