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Strict Jane - Disciplinarian

Professional Disciplinarian.

I am an intelligent and highly educated disciplinarian, and competent at wielding most implements such as the hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, belt, strap, cane and switch. Whether you require a light spanking, or a traditional corporal punishment session with a strap, paddle or cane, I will ensure you get the treatment you deserve. Great for dealing with guilt and other emotional issues, and an experience you will want to repeat... in time.

Do You Feel the Need to be Spanked?

The need to be spanked, especially by an experienced female disciplinarian, is a lot more common than you may have thought. Spanking offers a clear, tangible, and simple punishment for any wrongs you feel you have committed. You may need to be punished for a specific past event, for something recent, or just because! When the punishment is over, you will feel guilt-free, relaxed and refreshed. Many seek a therapeutic catharsis to deal with regressed or built up emotions attributed to events in their past or present. Whatever your need, I am here to listen and to assist you in meeting it.I think you need a spanking


Being a highly skilled disciplinarian, with almost a decade's experience, you can be assured that I am able to assist you. Whether you are just curious and need a light spanking, or require a severe strapping, I can tailor your discipline accordingly.


Unless you specifically state otherwise, my sessions include plenty of warm-up prior to progressing to more serious implements, and can deliver quite a serious session without excessive marking. This is esspecially important if you do not want to wear the evidence of your recent discipline. Of course, many clients want to take home the evidence, so a lasting impression can be delivered.


Your session will be tailored to your needs, based on the information you provide when applying, and in our pre-session brief. You will have plenty of opportunity to customize your experience and explain your feelings. You may also ask me to determine the appropriate discipline.

Safe Word

Safe words are used if you need to adjust, tone down, or end the session. Using the safe word will prevent unnecessarily ending the session when a client inadvertantly yells out, "Ahhh, stop!" without actually wanting it to end at that point. If I hear the safe word, I will know you mean it. Use of the safe word is always respected. Your resulting happiness and repeat business is in my best interests, and as such, you will always be treated with respect and care.


Hygiene is of the highest priority to me. All implements, surfaces, towels and padding used will be cleaned and disinfected before and after your session.

Discipline Session Truths

You can expect...

  • a red, sore bottom! Unless you are after an introduction to physical discipline with the lightest of spankings, you will probably want to feel the effects of your session. Expect to feel the short-term sting and burn of a good spanking.
  • to have a discussion regarding your reasons for punishment.
  • to be disciplined accordingly by an experienced, educated, talented, caring, understanding, respectful female.
  • forgiveness for any real life transgressions, misdeeds, ill thoughts, procrastination and bad behavior, after your punishment.
  • a general feeling of well-being and and freshness after the session.
  • emotional relief from harbored guilt or repressed frustrations.
  • acceptance of your need for physical discipline - it's more popular than you think!
  • privacy and confidentiality.
  • encouragement to fulfill your goals, dreams and aspirations.
  • Im here to discipline you

Implements Available

I have various spanking implements available for your punishment, too many to mention, but some of the major categories are:

  • wooden spoons
  • hairbrushes
  • paddles
  • belts
  • straps - leather, rubber, tawsed, etc.
  • rattan canes - thick, thin, soaked, finished, etc.
  • switches
  • rods - acrylic, polyethylene, delrin, etc.
  • unusual and individualized implements

If you have your own special implements you would like to experience, let me know.



As I conduct sessions from my well-appointed premises, there are many spanking positions available, depending on your height, weight and flexibility. Some options include:

  • OTK
  • bent over a chair, table etc.
  • kneeling
  • lying down on a spanking table
  • positioned on my custom built spanking bench
  • light restraints can be used if requested/needed
  • Intensity

    From a light spanking, to a severe strapping or caning, I can cover any bottom's needs and desires. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, so we will discuss this and work out a suitable level of intensity. I care about your needs, and will be able to adjust your punishment accordingly based on your sensations, progress and desired outcome.


    In preparation for your session


    Prior to your session, you will have filled out the application form, and advised initially any interests you may have or what kind of session you need.


    It will help if you start to think about real-life things you could be disciplined for - how often do you get atonement like this! You will feel much better afterwards.


    You should also try and think about how you would like the session to play out. There are too many options to list, regarding how a session may unfold, as everyone is different in their needs/wants. There are many variables, such as implements, positions, levels of intensity with each implement, length of time with each implement/between strokes/entire session, amount of pre/post discussion, any couselling needed, emotional work, level of comfort given, general demeanor and style of the session, etc. Let me know your thoughts and ideas about spanking and discipline. Tell me as much as you want before your session, to ensure your satisfaction.


    If you are worried about marks, abrasion or other skin damage whilst still wanting a severe session, remember that most damage is aggravated by the associated drying-out of the skin. Properly moisturized buttocks will allow a more severe session with less damage. So start moisturizing before sessions!

    How do I arrange a session?

    It's time to stop imagining, and experience the spanking you need for for real.



    If your application is approved, you will be able to schedule your session using my online booking service.