Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have reviews or testimonials?

To see recent reviews, click here. Any names are already censored, and rest assured, if you send in a review, it will remain anonymous.

How do I arrange a session with you?

All new clients must be approved prior to scheduling a session. Click here to apply. If your application is approved, you will be provided a password to allow you to book your session online. Bookings must be made at least 4 hours prior to the expected session. Session details including address etc. are provided in the confirmation message and email received upon completion of the booking.


If you are a regular client, or have seen me before, you may schedule a session anytime using the online booking system. If you don't already have the password to make bookings, email me and I will send it to you. All bookings are made online by the client at their convenience to avoid overbooking or schedule overlaps.

How is Life Coaching structured vs your Discipline only sessions?

Just as with any other Life Coach, with me you will undertake and commit to a program, with regular visits. Your program will be specifically tailored to your own life situation, depending on what you want to work on, and how you wish to move forward. During your initial session we will discuss your current situation, any goals you may have, or issues that you would like to work through that might be preventing your progress. Most clients arrange weekly or two weekly sessions. Disciplinary sessions that do not involve Life Coaching are more informal in nature. There will be a pre-session discussion and a post-session discussion if desired, but the focus is on the physical discipline rather than using it as a Life Coaching tool.

How do you handle privacy issues?

Regarding identity and discreetness - I will NEVER disclose any information about you or your sessions to ANYONE. Along with the consent form, I use a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with clients, to further ensure your protection. If you give me your phone number, I do not introduce myself as "Strict Jane", and will only discuss anything with you personally, and once you are clear that it is okay.

I understand that many of my clients are in vanilla relationships, and many have high profile positions that could be compromised by disclosure to the largely vanilla business, legal and entertainment worlds that just don't understand. I am a real Life Coach, and you should feel comfortable being open with me. If you still feel concerned about your privacy, or have your own non-disclosure agreement that needs to be signed, I urge you to contact me, and I will be happy to assist you and put any concerns to rest.

Won't I just act out and underperform in order to get spanked? How do you make the Life Coaching effective if I want to be spanked?

What a dilemma! You need to be spanked, but you also want to be held accountable by spanking...


If this is apparent, you will receive the discipline you need. With some clients, before reviewing their action steps and past week, I will get them into the discipline room for a session of discipline. This satisfies their need, and clears the air, refreshed and ready to commit to an honest Life Coaching session, where you will still be held accountable to your goals and pre-determined reasons for punishment, and therefore punished again when/if it is necessary.


Even people who otherwise want a spanking will endure an actual discipline punishment when it is necessary.


Clients who are only after the spanking for therapeutic or cathartic purposes are encouraged to have purely disciplinary sessions. Some clients choose to not incorporate physical discipline into their Life Coaching sessions, keeping it seperate.

Are you a good Life Coach? How do you hold people accountable?

When I started Life Coaching, it was a relatively new concept. Now, it is a much more widespread profession, with people of all walks of life realizing the benefits of having a coach. I have come to notice that within this culture there are many people who describe themselves as a Life Coach or Mentor without actually knowing anything about it. I on the other hand am a fully trained and accredited Life Coach, and have been coaching clients successfully since 2003. I am also experienced in the personal development arena and have worked alongside a prominent motivational speaker and success guru. I know how to get results. As well as the traditional methods, as you are aware I have implemented physical discipline into my coaching practice, to hold clients accountable through tangible punishments.

Do you use safe words?

I use three safe words - Green, Yellow and Red.


Green is for when you know deep down you want the session severity to increase, so as to not have to actually ask for it when it may be painful already.


Yellow is used when you are approaching your boundaries, and are close to wanting to end the session. This allows an option to not have to actually end the session – instead, I can do several things, depending on what you have agreed to: decrease severity; stay at the current level without taking it up a notch; tone it down; give you a slight break; or re-iterate the reasons for punishment, and continue going as planned.


Red is for when you are sure you want to end the session. I will ask you to confirm it. Confirmed use of the Red safe word means the session is over.


I can also accommodate requests for no safe words. I am a responsible and experienced disciplinarian - you can trust me that I will not hurt you beyond necessity.

What if I am a Life Coaching client and I decide I can’t handle the discipline I set for myself?

If you decide to reconsider your punishments, we can discuss this. Be careful you are not just chickening out, though! Maybe you just need to reconsider your severity for punishments.

If you wish to cancel the coaching sessions altogether, you are welcome to cancel any remaining sessions already paid for, and a refund will be issued, less a 10% penalty.

What proportion of the session is discipline vs. discussion/Life Coaching? Can I mix it up?

When you have your first session, we will discuss what works for you. The sessions are totally customized to your needs. We will arrange a format that suits you.

I submitted an application but haven't had a reply yet?

Be patient - unless your application was impolite or inconsiderate, I will reply. As you can imagine I do receive many applications but they are all important to me.

Do you do online coaching and sessions?

If you register your interest, I will contact you if it becomes an option.


Other Questions?


If you are a prospective client, and have any questions you would like answered on this page, please email me using the address located at the bottom of the Bookings Page, and ask away!