More About Strict Jane

You might wonder what I am like as a person. Here are a few hints:

  • I walk the talk as a health coach in terms of diet and exercise. When I tell you to take action to get healthy, you will know that I am already doing what I recommend. 
  • I’m 5’4″ tall with a petite yet muscular build.
  • My healthy food intake includes grass-fed proteins, good fats, organic plants, little sugar/alcohol and no gluten.
  • I am a lifelong non-smoker.
  • I do yoga. I especially love hot yoga as it keeps my body and mind limber, strong and youthful.
  • I walk or jog 30km a week and do weight training.
  • I like to dance, hike and swim when possible.
  • I generally get 8 hours of sleep each night because I prioritise it.
  • I aim to maintain a stress-free and sustainable existence. 
  • I sunbathe for a daily dose of vitamin D.
  • I read novels as well as nonfiction books. I also enjoy the odd TV series.
  • I research things a lot because I like to know why things are the way they are.
  • I listen to podcasts on my walks.
  • I like intelligent and humorous conversation.
  • There is order and freedom in my life (because I do not have kids!)
  • Dogs and cats always like me.
  • I am as comfortable in a country setting as I am in a city.
  • I like it when people reach out to say hello to me, even after years of limited contact. If we last had a good connection, it can be picked up again at any future point as though there has never been a break.
  • I present as a very respectable and ‘normal’ (but never mediocre) woman in my everyday vanilla life. 
  • I have a slightly bossy disposition and my strictness becomes evident when my rules are broken or when I know someone is doing bad deeds.

If you wish to know more about me, or to follow what I do, you will simply have to subscribe to my newsletter. I look forward to getting to know YOU as well.