Phone Consultation

Book a private video/audio consultation with me. We'll discuss your needs and move forward from there.

1:1 Consultation

Meet with me for an in-person consultation of 1 to 2 hours for discipline, life coaching or a combination of both.


Online coaching and/or behaviour modification program designed around your needs.

Private Membership

Wait to join my private, online membership.

Women Only

These consultations are designed specifically for women.


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  • New Client Application Review
  • Blog/Podcast
  • Your First Email Reply
  • Newsletter


  • Single Consultation 75 minutes
  • Choice of Video Call or Audio-only Phone Call
  • 2 Weeks Email Support
  • Self-Discipline/Life Coaching/Both


  • Initial Consultation 75 minutes
  • Second Consultation 75 minutes
  • Choice of Video Call or Audio-only Phone Call
  • 4 Weeks Email Support
  • Self-Discipline/Life Coaching/Both


  • 1 Hour Consultation (in person) with Strict Jane
  • Subject to availability
  • Discipline/Life Coaching/Both


  • Join my online membership and get access to digital resources and the private community.
  • Available via Waitlist

Online Coaching Program

  • You’ll have my coaching and support within a negotiated period of time.
  • Choose from a 30 to 90 day program.
  • Phone sessions are buffered by a one or two week implementation period.
  • Use this for Discipline, Life Coaching or a combination of both.

Goals to Achieve

These are the areas I most enjoy coaching in:

  • Health: Improve your health by targeting your diet, exercise, sleep, stress and sunlight.
  • Mindset: Work on your thoughts and you will change your life.
  • Relationships: Enhance your romantic partnership.
  • Productivity: Get more things done at home or at work.
  • Fun: Work on your hobbies, interests and passions so that your life has more variety and fun.

Rescheduling or Cancellations

  • When you book your consultation with me, I expect you to honour it.
  • You must give a minimum of 12 hours’ notice to reschedule/cancel a phone consultation.
  • There are no refunds if you fail to attend a booked consultation without due notice.



My membership community is designed for like-minded people as a place of mutual support. You must adhere to community rules in order to remain a member.


Make A Great Decision Today

If you're tired of trying to do it alone, the help of a Discipline Consultant will fast-track your results. NOW is the right time to work on yourself with expert guidance.