Testimonial – Woman, mid-40s

June’s Story

Note: I worked with June over the phone during the COVID19 crisis. Here is her version of it…

Emailed to Strict Jane in April 2020

“This is a testimony from someone who was really a complete novice before beginning my life coaching sessions with Strict Jane. I was always interested in spanking, though I was never in the right situation to enter that world, so for 20 years I remained a lurker on the sidelines.

As a woman looking for discipline (without a casual hookup attached), I found very few options available online – and with most of the men I emailed online, you could almost hear the straining of trouser crotches through the text. Ugh. Seeing so much predatory behaviour online, combined with the fact that my job requires discretion for such interests, I lacked the confidence to step into real life and go to munches alone.

However, about 2 months ago, I reached a point in my life when I was procrastinating over some information that was essential for me to learn for my career advancement (there were multiple reasons and past frustrations and failures behind this). One idle evening, with notes spread before me that I wasn’t reading, and a glass of wine in hand, I casually put ‘Spanking + Life Coach’ into the Google search and Strict Jane came up.

I read Jane’s site and found nothing on there that suggested that in any way she would take advantage of an unequal power balance. She simply provided consequences via spanking for inaction. So I, with a little dutch courage, sent off an email, not expecting a reply. But within a week I had a reply, very unlike any replies I had previously received when discussing similar scenarios with ‘tops’ online (this is not the first time in my life procrastination has beaten forwards advancement). Jane’s reply was friendly, not sleazy, and we discussed what I wanted to achieve and a bit more about me. She wasn’t in the same country as me so we couldn’t meet in person, but she offered to chat on the phone.

To say I was nervous actually talking to someone is an understatement, and to add to the nerves, Jane’s final email clarified that if we did decide to do some discipline (spanking) it would be done over the phone live, rather than being something to complete and report back to her about later. This was a whole new world for me.  However, I needn’t have worried.

One thing about Jane is that the guidance and spankings are always a two-way process and there was no pressure at all to do discipline during that first phone call. This cooperative approach works really well in the situation of discipline as a consequence. It is not something you are passively receiving, as decided by someone else (which removes all accountability from the interaction), but something you have agreed upon together. It is the case (literally for remote discipline) that it is your hand applying the discipline as much as Jane’s…but more of that later.

The first conversation started with getting to know each other a bit and my goals for life coaching, which settled my nerves. It was clear I wasn’t speaking to someone who wanted to dominate me for their own pleasure, but another woman with a specific set of skills to help solve a problem. The call finished with me feeling comfortable enough to achieve what I needed at that point, which was a directed spanking over the phone for my previous three months of procrastination.

Jane kept a light-hearted, non-pressured direction throughout, with a brief but firm lecture about procrastination towards the end. By then my bottom was reddened and feeling each swat. I had self-swatted before, but never like that. When the discipline was done and after I gingerly sat down, I realised, to my surprise, that the discussion and immediate consequence of discipline had helped release that mental block that I had been pushing against all those months. It had opened a new chapter for me and, in fact, the next evening I sat down and began to study!

After the discipline component, we agreed to continue the coaching and consequences. So far, I have had 5 sessions and, apart from the discipline, just having someone else invested in what I have to learn has been extremely effective in helping to keep my motivation to study going. It has made notable differences in my work that not just I but senior colleagues have noted.

The consequences of me not achieving my goals has only resulted in a punishment session once (so far). It is not something I plan to repeat in a hurry. The burning, stinging double-swats then triple-swats from the bath brush on my bare bottom was an experience; the memory of which still makes my cheeks sting and clench a little to think about it. Janes’ lecture outlining both why the consequences were happening and the fact I would study from this point on, delivered with the right timing and brevity to make me mentally squirm but not sink into self-pitying shame, was masterfully applied.

By far, the most effective technique for aversive effect was Jane’s build-up beforehand. We’d agreed that there was to be a cumulative build-up of the number of swats based on how much (or, in my case, how little) work I had done. It was a strange (and, as it got closer to the evening of our meeting, without enough work put in) not a pleasant, experience. Let’s just say that I experienced, for the first time in my life, a visibly bruised bottom for days afterwards. I would never have done that to myself on my own!

At this point I should talk a bit about the difference, for me, between self-discipline and remotely-directed discipline. Self-disciplining (all by yourself) is very different and exists in a different social context compared to one directed from another person. A directed-disciplining over the phone is less exposing than one in person, I dare say; although you have a bare bottom, the only person who can see it is you (unless you choose the video call option). Still, your top knows that you have a bare bottom on the other end of the phone and there is something significant about that. For me, an important difference between a self-disciplining and a directed-disciplining is that there is someone else involved, and they apply the consequences of your inaction. How much you smack, how hard, and with what – is not up to you (although you do need an implement handy, such as a trusty bath brush). Like riding a sledge down a hill, you chose to push off at the top and take the ride, but the hill and gravity decide the rest.

All social interaction is a social contract, and an interaction over the phone can hold as much power as any face-to-face meeting. The key aspect to being disciplined is the psychological side of things. If you have agreed to the discipline then you have implicitly agreed to how it is applied (and I have never heard of a disciplinarian who physically kidnaps random strangers for a session). You wouldn’t hire a locksmith to get you back into your house when you’d lost your keys, then halfway through tell them what to do. This psychological keystone is no different, whether you are in the same room or thousands of miles apart. It is an equal partnership. And though Jane applies her trade with skill, where the consequences of a disciplined backside are firmly and fairly adhered to, it is allegorically both of you who pull that sledge to the top of the hill. You both just experience the ride down differently. It has made, and indeed is still making, a marked difference to my work life.

So, for any ladies (or indeed gents) reading this with a similar background, I recommend dropping Jane an email. You may or may not end up with discipline at the end of it, depending on what you feel you really need. If you do, it is an equal and respectful partnership on both sides, without it getting too serious. Sessions always have an element of fun (in my experience, anyway). Preceding my discipline session with Jane, I had some fears about the consequences I was due to get. There were were some moments, to be sure, where I really felt it, but afterwards, it was worth it. Completely. I was left with that uplifted feeling of being able to start again with a clean slate. It’s not often that life offers you that.”

– June is a professional female, mid-40s, based in the UK.

A word from Strict Jane

I really enjoy working with women such as June, who know what they want after thinking about it for years before finally getting the courage to contact someone like me. These woman make huge strides because they are serious about the change they want to make. There are no games with these women, who value my time as well as their own. They begin a coaching arrangement looking for the most efficient means to an end (and we all know how it ends…). The process of coaching is hugely beneficial and even more so when combined with the threat of physical consequences.

These women are intensely curious after years of hidden frustrations and I find them to be courageous and humble in accepting any punishments that may befall them. June was no exception. There are undoubtedly many more women, like June, who are hoping to get their needs met in a similar manner. If you are a contender, I hope to meet you soon.