Past Reviews Part 1

Past Reviews Part 1

Below are reviews submitted by clients based in North America between 2010-2013. Responses were limited to 500 characters in length.

A Beautiful Person

Strict Jane stands out from all the other Life Coaches with her warmth and genuine enjoyment of providing discipline. I found myself gushing every thought to her as I grew increasingly confident that this intelligent, efficient lady understood what I needed to do. I look forward to a long productive coaching relationship with her.

Amazing and classy woman

My first Life coaching session with Jane has set me on a path of well-being. Her compassion and method of providing discipline will keep me focused while I follow her lead. A truly ‘remarkable’ experience. I look forward to our next session.

Unique and Awesome Experience!

“Strict Jane is phenomenal and I am feeling the effects of her efforts both on the disciplinary side as well as the coaching aspect. Talk about a win-win situation! This was my first time and my only regret is that I did not find her sooner. I will definitely be back! What makes Strict Jane so awesome and effective is her professionalism coupled with her strength and compassion. This was an unforgettable experience and the greatest spanking experience of my life. Thank you Strict Jane!”

First Class Disciplinarian

This was my first session with Strict Jane. I was a bit nervous at first, but she made me feel comfortable after only a few minutes. We discussed the type things that I would need to begin focusing on and set some attainable goals. For me, it is important to have an experience with a person that I respect and trust, Ms. Jane has both of those attributes. If you are looking for a discrete experience with a woman who knows exactly how to administer punishment, then look no further.


Strict Jane’s blend of loving support and strict discipline is unique. She works with you set attainable goals and find practical action steps to reach them. She is easy to talk to and confide in however accountability is demanded. A failure to follow through with action steps will earn a trip to her well-equipped punishment room. She is a no nonsense disciplinarian who will leave you sorry, well punished and with no doubt that failure to follow through is NOT an option!


We all make resolutions. Mine is to lose weight. I make this resolution every year and every year I fall short. One visit with Strict Jane and you WILL stick with your resolution or else. Strict Jane provides an “anchor” to remember . My anchor is, three days later, still burning. The insight she gives is very motivating. She is professional and is dedicated to helping me succeed. Give her system a chance. Strict Jane does not disappoint!

Powerful, classy Lady!

My first session with Miss Jane was a revelation. Never have I been spanked so severely or felt so good afterward. And by such a smart, classy Lady! The physical punishment was painful, my butt is still sore a day later. But the mental and psychological experience was awesome. Miss Jane is kind but firm, beautiful but strong, and very wise. You can’t help but want to please her, and definitely don’t want to disappoint her. She embodies the female authority figure, the mother, we all need.

Great experience

I had my first session and needless to say I was somewhat nervous but Jane put me at ease very quickly. We talked some about my expectations and Jane listened as I explained what I was really looking for. We then went to her studio where she proceeded to give me what I had asked for and was able to take to a level I had never been before, I left there with a very red and sore bottom but looking forward to another session.

Job well done, Strict Jane.

If I could give Strict Jane more than just five stars, I absolutely would. She is a wonderfully interesting human being and a welcomed breath of fresh air. Upon arrival, I felt like we could have talked for hours. She is very perspicacious, articulate and hypnotically captivating with her genuine charm and stunning physical appearance.She also delivered the punishment of a lifetime; it was unlike anything I have ever experienced.I am a true fan. After I heal up, I will definitely be back.

More than I had hoped for

My first meeting with Jane far exceeded my expectations. She is a very professional young lady who is intelligent, articulate, and very approachable. You can tell she genuinely enjoys what she does and can do it very well. She’s the real deal and will make a lasting impression. Highly recommended.

I left feeling uplifted.

Ms. Jane was more than I expected. I was expecting a strict and unfeeling disciplinarian. To my surprise, she knew how to be strict, but I also found her to be very lovely and delightful – and very understanding. I left feeling uplifted. I wish I could afford this every week.

Have to see Jane again

I have to admit that I was some what nervous for my first visit to see Ms Jane. However, that lasted about as long as it took to walk in thru the door and be greeted by a gorgeous looking woman.We sat and talked, and you soon realise that you are in front of a highly intelligent intuitive woman, and one who had me at ease very quickly. We then stepped into her “office”,and I can say for my part, the whole experience was for me a memory that I hope will last, at least till the next time. Thank you Jane.


I always wanted to work with people in making their lives better, yet I could never have foreseen the journey I was to take when I trained as a life coach. There is a wide range of people out there who are seeking discipline and life coaching; and who are excited try a combination of the two in order to optimise themselves. It’s so rewarding when a person opens their heart, mind and body to my process. In return, they gain new levels of self-awareness, acceptance and confidence, sometimes for the first time. Discipline is a torch that will burn through many obstacles in life.

Strict JaneDiscipline Consultant