Past Reviews Part 2

Note: These reviews were written by people I worked with in North America. These clients were confident in visiting me in order to pursue physical discipline as a regular activity. As you will see, their reviews reflect the importance they placed on the effects and distractions of physical discipline alone. I was a trained life coach who specialised in disciplinarian activities, and although these clients were not seeking life coaching, I know that my experience in human behaviour modification led to the successful outcomes they report below.


I have had over 10 sessions with Ms Jane

“Every session has been unforgettable. She has always been fun, exciting, and most of all, an expert disciplinarian. I highly recommend her. But be warned, the cane stroke marks from my last session took 2 weeks to fade away….awesome session.”

Highly recommended

“This was my very first that I really indulged in getting spanked. Ms. Jane gave me an unforgettable experience that I could ever imagine. The sensation I felt afterwards was truly amazing and her life coaching techniques have been EXTREMELY effective even though it’s only been a couple of days. Thnx Ms. Jane for the incredible experience. Will most definitely be seeing her on a monthly basis. ”

Best experience ever!

“I had my first spanking with Strict Jane. I was greeted by an attractive lady, who is an excellent conversationalist and who makes you comfortable right away. I was surprised how hard I could take her implements on my bare bottom (I was there for a light session). She has a compassionate and caring heart and, trust me, I felt that after each stroke. It was painful but wonderful! If you are a first timer, do NOT hesitate to see her and experience her gift. Thank You Miss Jane!”

Got what I deserved

“I met Strict Jane on 11/23/13 at 10 AM and, needless to say, after discussing my poor performance at eating healthy and exercising, she got down to business, OTK warm up with various implements, then, tied me down over some pillow to stick my buttocks up for some serious punishment: 100 lashes with the belt, about 50 with the Dragon tail followed by 50 with the tawse and some serious/serious strapping with her prison strap , thank God I was gaged. ”

Top Notch!

This is my first session with Strict Jane and She didn’t disappoint! The initial greet & meet was short, since She was well prepared based on my appointment requests. My interests are on the heavy side. While my bottom received the blunt of the whacks from countless implements, She also lit up rest of my body as well – fingers to toes and everything in between. In summary, stern with a heavy hand that left my bottom bruised & battered! I’ll be back!

Very Talented!

This was my second session with Strict Jane and I was every bit as happy as my first session. She truly enjoys what she does and she does it very well. We spent a while prior to the punishment discussing the reasons. Then she got down to business. I had a couple suggested variations that she was quite happy to try. The next day, I was constantly reminded of the need to improve my behavior every time I sat down. I’m sure my marks will last a week or more. I can’t wait to see her again!

Strict Jane WILL hold you accountable

I didn’t know quite know what to expect when I visited Strict Jane . I found a surprising combination of intelligence, attentiveness, caring, and strict discipline. I was honest with her and she was straight with me. She has lots of toys, and she knows how to use them. Yet I felt kindness and respect from her, as well as intense heat.

Strict Jane Gets What Spanking Is About

Unlike many who came to Strict Jane for a really hard paddling, and received it, or for some life coaching, I’m more into the sensual side of spanking. Not to say that I didn’t get a good hard spanking – I did – but it was given in a very real manner, by someone who I believed could spank me in real life. Miss Jane took on the role of a neighbor and spanked me for what, in real life, was for a very good reason.

A Spanking to Remember

I have had quite a few spankings in my life, but my first spanking from Strict Jane was the most memorable. She is very much a lady, and very much in charge. At the same time, Strict Jane is easy to talk with; I opened up and told her things about my misbehavior that I would never dream of telling anyone else. I received a very severe, and very well-deserved, spanking. But Strict Jane treated me with respect even as she was caning my bottom and lecturing me about my shameful behavior.

Just amazing

“I visited Miss Jane on 06/04/13, after few months going without discipline, she sure took care of me the only way she knows – HARD but FAIR. Anyone hesitating seeing her, well, you just do not know what you are missing; looking forward to my next session on and this time, I know she will make sure her point across my rear cheeks.”

First Visit!!!

This was my first visit to see Strict Jane. She gave me a severe session that was given with precision which is what I needed and deserved. She is very warm and caring and only whats you to be your best. But be warned do not be late or even early she will make you pay!! If she has to pin you down believe me there is no escape she has a very strong left arm and even stronger leg grip that is like a vice. Follow her instructions and you will do fine. I can’t wait to see her again.

Great session

“I have been seeing Strict Jane often for the last months, however, the last session I had with her on 11/17/2012 was the best ever, she literally punished me from head to toes and everything in between and I mean everything, if you are in need of a disciplinarian, she is the best!!!! Looking forward to my next time with her.”

I finally received the proper paddling & Caning that I deserved.

I can’t believe what I experienced at my first session with Strict Jane, It was like a dream come true because I have been needing to atone for some childhood transgressions in which my mates were given spanking discipline and I was spared but should have been paddled along with them as a child. I relayed this information to Ms. Jane and she wrote a few things down & took charge . She is an attractive lady with an English accent who gave me the severe discipline that I needed and it was the best.

The most cathartic spanking I have experienced

Strict Jane truly lives up to her name. She is a natural Disciplinarian who punished me severely with a wide variety of disciplinary implements, which is exactly what I requested and needed. Strict Jane is very professional and delivers a powerful disciplinary experience. Whether your interests are for a light spanking or a severe strapping, you owe it to yourself to visit her.

Things to do in LA.

When you get tired of the rides at Disneyland, Go and see Miss Jane. She is deliciously disarming, (I told her things I’d never told anyone, within 15 minutes of arriving.) She’s like a shrink with a kink, and the session segues beautifully from a semi-serious chat with much laughter, through the trepidation of entering the spanking room to the sweet pain as one is spanked by Miss Jane, she knows exactly how much one can take and is an artist in this regard. Much more fun than Disneyland.

Good Job

This was my first visit to a real disciplinarian. Only had one other visit to another disciplinarian. I am convinced Ms Jane is a far more superior disciplinarian. She handle herself fully as a professional . I found Ms Jane very pleasant, easy to talk to and she listen attentively. She know how to administer a serious and caring dynamite spanking. I would recommend her to any novice looking for his/her first time spanking from a true disciplinarian. Thanks Ms Jane, for a job well done


When Ms Jane opened the door of her studio, I was taken back with her beauty & striking figure. Her site photos don’t do her justice. I was captivated by her Australian accent and her soft intelligent demeanour. Once in her discipline room the softness left and the strict discipline started. Ms Jane warmed me up nicely and then began to punish my bottom seriously. I can’t tell you how many times the endorphins kicked in and she made me shiver…outstanding!!!

Fantastic Spanking

“I finally got an opportunity to book a second session with Miss Jane. I requested for her to take my spanking experience to the next level. Trust me, she took me to a level I’ve never been. She most definitely broke in new ground for me. That was three days ago and my bottom is still sore. Thanks Miss Jane for a fantastic spanking”

Ms. Jane is AMAZING.

Ms. Jane is sincere, intelligent, naturally beautiful, and most of all STRICT. I have been seeing Ms. Jane weekly for over a month now, and the improvements she has cultivated in my life are remarkable. Because of my longtime experience with BDSM, I have a higher pain tolerance than most. After first gauging my needs, Ms. Jane now delivers the most painful and effective punishments I have ever felt. As a result, I am more productive and focused now than at any other time in my life.

a true professional

My first visit with Jane was amazing, she takes her job very seriously, I have been with other pro disciplinarians but Jane is unique in that she is more in tune with her clients’ needs. Jane left my bottom a nice rosy red and I’m looking forward to my next visit with this incredible woman.

A True Disciplinarian

My first visit with Miss Jane was more that I expected. She is well educated and put you at easy with such great skills, on the other hand, she makes it very clear she is the one in charge and she will discipline you properly for your poor performance in life and/or at work, She also has a unique way for one to associate misbehavior with pain!!!. Yes, I was very well discipline by her on my first visit and my bottom feels the pain. Thank you Miss Jane for been such a professional Disciplinarian.

I Have Met My Match

My first visit with Ms. Jane was indeed wonderful. Ms. Jane is a woman who commands respect. Yes she is obviously quite bright, but more importantly perhaps is that she really cares and she made me feel this. Most impressive to me was that using her insight she was able to see the “real” me and was not “buying” the phoney self I present to the world. Also Ms.Jane handled me perfectly, not an easy thing to do. Ms. Jane made it clear to me that she accept nothing less than my best.

Highly Recommended

My First visit with Mrs. Jane was more than I had hoped for. She is a very intelligent and beautiful woman with a kind spirit. I was nervous about my first visit but she instantly makes you feel very comfortable. She is very insightful and is able to get you to open up and share your life with her so that she can form a creative action plan to help you meet your goals. Be warned!!! She knows how to deliver the discipline. I am still feeling the burn 4 days later.

Pretty But Firm Discipline

Strict Jane dresses professionally and speaks well, like a pretty but no-nonsense executive lady. She listened to my needs and then delivered exactly the spanking, paddling and caning I so badly needed. I plan to see her often because I believe she can keep me focused on my goals while providing the strict discipline I need.

The best Disciplinarian I have ever experienced

Having experienced many (so-called) Disciplinarians over the years, Strict Jane more than lived up to my expectations and I would highly recommend her. She is very professional and strict, yet very easy to talk with and address your issues. I will not be sitting comfortably for at least a few days.

Fantastic Spanking

I finally gotten an opportunity to booked a second session with Miss Jane.I requested for her to take my spanking experience to the next level. Trust me, she took me to a level I’ve never been. She most definitely broke in new ground for me. That was three days ago and my bottom is still sore. Thanks Miss Jane for a fantastic spanking.

Just Amazing

I visited Miss Jane on 06/04/13, after few months going without discipline, she sure took care of me the only way she know HARD but FAIR anyone hesitating seen her, well, you just not know what are you missing; looking forward to my next session on 6/8/13 and, this time, I know she will make sure her point gets across my rear cheeks..