Past Reviews Part 3

Note: Some clients prefer to focus on the provision of physical discipline within an imaginary storyline. The following reviews are by clients who love a good role-play scenario. For them, discipline is most effective when delivered in imaginative ways. It has been my observation that the lessons in behavioural improvement will sink in just as deeply for these creatives.

These reviews were received via email:

Review received 07/29/2011

Last weekend I was visiting in the Los Angeles area and decided to arrange for a session with Strict Jane. She’s had nothing but glowing reviews everywhere I’ve seen her name mentioned, spanking is her specialty, and the price was right. What’s to lose except a little dignity and some sitting time?

We exchanged several emails prior to my session and it was clear right from our initial contact that what I wanted was as important to her as it was to me. If you want to book a session with her, be prepared to write or speak freely. The better you explain what you expect, what makes a session particularly good for you, what you don’t like, and what limits you have, the better things will work. This is of course important for any session, but Strict Jane is more thorough and detail-oriented than any other spanker I’ve visited.

Now, I’m a “domestic” spanking purist. A number of of Strict Jane reviewers have mentioned being restrained over her spanking bench and receiving the hardest paddling they’ve ever experienced. That’s not for me, and I told her so. I’m a bare hand over-the-knee (OTK) kind of guy. I recognize that nearly every spanker needs a break now and then, so implements handled correctly are OK with me. A red and sore behind is of course expected, but I didn’t want the kind of spanking that leaves bruises for several days afterward. She was OK with that, kept me over her lap for nearly the full session, and had prepared the punishment room to appear as home-like as possible, with the threatening furniture under wraps so it just looked like a table with a tablecloth.

Strict Jane bills herself as a disciplinarian and a life coach. They’re related, but separate. When I’m getting a spanking, I need some role playing in order to provide a reason why. I suppose that a live coaching session is sort of like that, where you tell her what you want to improve, you discuss it, and usually a spanking is what’s needed to encourage you. I didn’t really want to play like that since I’m just a perfect angel in real life. I suggested a few scenes to her that have worked for me, and she picked out one in which I’m a neighbor who has been helping her son with a science project after school.

He had been spending more time with me and not leaving himself enough time to get his household chores done before dinner. A couple of nights ago, he got in trouble because he skipped a very important job and in her household (like they still do Down Under, where Strict Jane is from), he got a spanking for it. But she felt that I was equally responsible (or irresponsible) for not sending him home sooner, and that I deserved the same punishment that her son received.

I arrived for my session and rang her doorbell right on the dot (she’s emphatic about timeliness), she met me at the door, invited me into a comfortable sitting room where we spent about half an hour talking. While we went over details of the session, OTK, implements, and intensity, we also talked about what got us started in spanking, what makes a session just right, what to avoid, and the difference between a “discipline” and a “coaching” session. While I’m not usually nervous or anxious before a session, having this friendly chat boosted my confidence that everything would go right. She was well prepared, having printed out copies of my emails and had made a few notes where she had questions or wanted to fill in some more details. We were just talking like friends, nothing threatening, no pregnant pauses, just two people meeting for the first time and planning to do something together that we both enjoyed.

When we both felt that we were ready, the actual session began. Spankings take place in an adjacent room. Someone had mentioned in a review that there was “soundproofing over the windows.” Actually, the exterior walls are solid. Her workspace was a former production company with a recording studio, and she left the sound absorbing panels on the walls in place. I’ve been spanked in some pretty acoustically live rooms where every smack echos off the floor and walls, and this was a refreshing change. By the way, if you’re in for a coaching session, you’ll get to the spanking room eventually but will probably spend more time talking in the front room.

To play our scene, she went into the spanking room first and closed the door. Half a minute later, I knocked, intending to give her son a magazine with an article that I thought would be useful to him in understanding a theory we were discussing the afternoon before. She opened the door, greeted me pleasantly, and invited me in. She said that her son wasn’t at home and she’d give him the magazine later. But there was something she wanted to talk to me about. After a discussion about chores and getting home late, what happened to him last night, and that I deserved the same punishment that he received, it was time to get over her knee.

She sat in a wide soft chair, told me to remove my belt (I mentioned that spanking with a belt worked for me), drop my pants, and lay across her lap. After a brisk hand spanking, my shorts came down, and she continued with her hand. She constantly varied the pace and intensity so I got thoroughly spanked alternated by “relief” periods where she kept spanking but slower or lighter. Yes, she can spank very hard with her hand! I don’t judge the quality of a spanking session by how hard it is, but rather for the overall effect of the session. This wasn’t the hardest I’ve ever been spanked, but I fully believe that it could have been if I made it clear that I wanted to really be pushed.

She mostly spanked with her hand as I had requested, but gave me a couple of dozen whacks with a hairbrush-shaped wooden paddle, and a dose with one of those hairbrush-like short bath brushes with the slightly angled handle. She also used my belt and a couple of wooden spoons. Her spoon technique was, as far as I know, unique. She used two, holding them like drumsticks, and doing drum rolls on my backside. When I kidded her about paradiddles (it’s such an appropriate word!), she said she actually did play drums. While there were a few canes within handy reach, I made it very clear that I don’t do canes, so they stayed safely tucked away.

Did it hurt? Of course it did. But between lectures about responsibilities, we were joking and laughing all the time. That fit with the theme of this session since we were neighbors and friends. But I’m sure that she’d perfectly capable of taking the role of STRICT Jane when the scene calls for it. We finished up the spanking with a hug, I put my pants and belt back on, and we returned to the front room to talk about what worked (everything), what could make it better (I could have taken a harder spanking – next time) and a exchanged a little more small talk before she sent me on my way.

My usual session is a half hour at a house and I wasn’t sure whether I could keep interested for the hour and a half that she schedules for a first timer (I was actually with her for nearly two hours) but the time just flew by. I wasn’t at all bored or at a loss for words, and I got plenty of spanking.

About what everyone asks eventually: I think she’s very pretty. She’s slim and trim, with dark hair about mid-back length. I’d guess she’s about 5′ 8″ tall in sensible shoes, and in her mid-30s. For my session, she wore a slim dark skirt about knee length, and a white blouse. Her facility is dedicated to her work (it’s not where she lives), a section of a divided-up industrial building on a major street in the Culver City area. While it doesn’t have its own parking lot, street parking is easy and there doesn’t seem to be anything unsafe about the area.

If you’re tempted to have a session with Strict Jane, it’s important to understand that she’s a disciplinarian and/or life coach, and not a dominatrix. She’ll spank you as much, as hard, and with whatever you want, but she’s not there to fulfil your wildest fantasies. It’s not appropriate to ask her to wear a leather catsuit or a vinyl nurse’s uniform and be Catwoman or the Naughty Nurse. She dresses for professionalism, not fantasy. That works for me.

Every spanker and every spanking is different, but for sake of comparison with spankers with whom I’ve had experience, I’d put her in the same class as Harriet Marwood or Margaret Davis in the New York area, both of whom don’t just spank, but have worked hard to understand what makes spankers and spankees tick and apply that understanding to every session.

Needless to say, I had a great visit and I’d be happy to see Strict Jane again when I’m in the area. This one was excellent, and I left with the perception that my next visit will be even better.

Review received 07/21/2011

I just completed 3 consecutive sessions with Strict Jane. I have sessioned with great ladies, but by far no one like Strict Jane. Anybody can punish but these were the most precise spankings I have ever insured. She assured me I would be punished and my behind would hold out as she is a master. Much to my amazement she was right! I could not sit after the first night and was ready, tender behind and all, for more. The third session was incredible.

I cannot wait to see her again. If you think she took it easy on me you are wrong. I had previously cancelled on her and was caught in a lie. The only way for true forgiveness was to be punished appropriately. Oh I was! I will never forget it. If you are a curious novice go see her.
You will have a great experience and will be hooked for many many more. If you think you are a masochistic I challenge you to find out? Good luck! She is the epitome of class, charming, whimsical and lights out at what she does. You won’t regret it. Need life coaching? See her.
I was astonished at her dedication and the amount of work she puts into it. Speechless still. Will come back to LA in October twice. Already booked for 2 visits each week. Need I say more.
– Ed from Chi-town.

Review received 3/11/2012

I had an extraordinary session today with Strict Jane while visiting the US west coast (I’m from Australia). I’ve sessioned many times in the past and almost always to great effect, but those meeting were always fanciful and the “crimes” that I was being punished for contrived. Jane is a life coach as well as a disciplinarian and when we were exchanging e-mails in order to set up the session, she had a wonderfully insightful response to something I had written:

“You have just put into words the very reason so many people benefit from this treatment I offer… ‘I tend to mercilessly punish myself in my own mind and I’m hoping that if I’m taken to task by a disciplinarian, I won’t feel the need to beat myself up so much anymore.’ Perfectly said, and it can work in this way. It helps to remove old guilt baggage, self-loathing and blame. I know you will feel better after a session with me. “

After this and a few other notes, I was confident that we were a good fit. I made an appointment with her at the studios near LAX that she was using during her visit, where I had a pleasant chat with the lady at the welcome desk that put me at ease until Jane was ready to see me. After a few minutes, she entered the lobby to greet me. Anyone who is suspicious that Jane blurs out her face on the pictures on her website has nothing to worry about: she’s a strikingly beautiful woman with a warm smile and a lyrical Australian accent.

Our first stop was a rather scary session room with a lot of classic BDSM gear in which to conduct our interview. Jane noticed that the surroundings didn’t mesh with my interests – domestic discipline sessions – and suggested that we move into another space with softer surroundings. I had already filled out a detailed questionnaire on her website as well as exchanging a few e-mail so she already knew quite a bit about me. That didn’t keep her from asking some probing questions until I finally concluded that even though we had just met, I felt comfortable enough with her to deal with the “real” me instead of the fantasy figure I usually play in sessions. Even so, I didn’t find it appropriate to refer to her as “Jane” in the session so she said I should refer to her as “Miss Strict” instead.

It was time to go into the other room to start the session. It was far more to my liking as it was a simply-decorated, cozy little space with a table & lamp, easy chair, and a straight-backed wooden chair that was obviously going to be where business would take place. As Jane left for a minute to tell the lobby that we had relocated, I set up a container of water, bar of soap and a towel for mouth-soaping. Jane said it wasn’t an activity she got a lot of requests for but I love it, so she insisted that I bring my props for us to give it a go.

Jane reentered to find me slouching in the easy chair. We had determined the focus of the session would be a bad habit of mine that I’ve become hyper-aware of recently, a tendency to speak over people before they’re finished talking. But there were a few procedural details to be worked out first. I greeted her (in a pretty half-hearted fashion) as “Jane”; whereupon she instructed me that it was inappropriate for me to call her by her first name and that I was to refer to her as Miss Strict. I scoffed at this suggestion and a few other proclamations about the new rules I was expected to follow, whereupon Miss Strict informed me that she was going to take me over her knee and spank me.

I feel compelled to say that the first few minutes were pretty awkward (which I don’t find to be uncommon in initial meetings). We hadn’t done a sufficient job in setting up the context for why I was there. The awkwardness quickly melted away as the reality of my predicament set in. Miss Strict told me that one of the things she didn’t tolerate was boys who talked over people before they were done talking, which she knew I had done when I was arranging my meeting with her as well as when she and I first met. She calmly and maternally instructed me that bad behavior like that may have been the norm in my life up to now, but there were going to be repercussions for my actions from now on, in the form of spankings. She told me to take down my pants and underwear and lay across her knee. I began throwing a tantrum at the idea, whereupon she mocked how her just saying the word “spanking” was affecting my behavior. I grudgingly began undoing my clothes – too grudgingly, as she quickly finished the job for me and yanked me over her knee.

I have always been fortunate in that when I am being spanked while I am in my little boy mindset, I usually cry freely and sincerely. With Jane – Miss Strict – I was astonished at how tears began flowing almost from her first swat to my behind. She began scolding me for my bad behavior and I was screaming and begging her to stop. She showed no mercy and after the brief warm-up with her palm, took out the hairbrush to teach me a real lesson. I was hysterical and kicking like a wild Indian after that first round, whereupon she pulled me off her lap and peeled off the pants and underwear that were now around my ankles. We were just getting started.

She had me face the wall at attention as she continued scolding me for my rudeness. Tears were still streaming down my face and I was snorting defiant retorts in my rare (and ill-advised) bursts of bravery. It was time to go back over her knee, only this time, to prevent my kicking, she laid me across one knee and used her other leg to pin me down as she spanked me. She alternated between a wooden spoon and the hairbrush as my tears kept flowing and my screaming never stopped. My short bursts of defiance had now come to an end; the spanking was working.

It was then time for me to face the wall again as Miss Strict prepared the soap to clean out my dirty mouth. We had discussed the specifics of what I wanted beforehand and she followed them to the letter. She ordered me to my knees so that we would have the proximity of an adult dealing with a small child and then started ritualistically covering her fingers with soapy suds. She ordered me to open my mouth and she began scrubbing out the inside with the precision of a surgeon; first the felt inside cheek, then the right, then the roof, and finally she ordered me to stick out my tongue so it could be scoured. I submitted to the soaping with a defiant scowl and then she had me close my mouth to let the suds do their work as she lectured me about my naughty behavior and what I could expect in the future, pointing out that the next time she saw me (in a detail that we had discussed in our interview) that I could expect to surrender my earring and that she would have a razor handy to shave off my inappropriate facial hair. As she inspected me, she scoffed that I had “taken a walk on the wild side”; a walk that was going to come to an immediate end under her roof.

After the lecture, she decided to hold an inspection to see if my behavior had improved. She had me sit in the easy chair and greet her as I would in the future, whereupon I sat demurely and called her “Miss Strict.” That satisfied her, so I was ordered to move to the hard back chair to see how my bottom felt. It was sore; a sensation she promised I could expect whenever I misbehaved from now on. She went on to describe how she would spank me in front of her female friends if I needed it; in fact, for repeat offences, she said she would have dinner parties and spank me in front of them to drive the lesson home. And of course all of them were authorized to take me over their knee if they thought I needed it. To give me a chance to think about it, she had me stand against the wall again and she continued scolding me. This time though, instead of crying and protesting that I was too old for it, I listened carefully to what she was saying and tried to learn from it.

It was time for the final session over Miss Strict’s knee. First, she had me kneel before her and explain to me why it was rude to speak before people had finished talking to me. She explained that conversations were like throwing a ball and that when someone else had the ball, it was their turn to talk until they passed it back to me. I actually felt like I was learning something when it was time to take my place over her lap, and as she pummelled my backside with the brush and spoon again, I tried with all my might to accept it compliantly. Finally, the spanking was over. I had learned my lesson. I was a good boy.

I kneeled before her to hear a few closing remarks about good behavior, and then she had me lay across her knee a final time in order to rub lotion on my throbbing bottom. She finally allowed me to dress and gave me a long, warm hug and told me that I was forgiven.

She went back to being Jane and I went back to being me and we shared some conversation about what I got out of the lesson and a few insights of mine about how what we did related to incidents in my childhood. As I got in my car to drive home, I reflected on how I had just met a kind and generous lady who had done so much to help me confront the demons of my childhood. I encourage anyone who can relate to my story to jump at the opportunity to session with her for himself. You might find some growth in ways that you never expected. I certainly did.

– Johnny


Review received 02/18/2012, and was posted on a Canadian message board.

I’ve seen posts here lamenting the availability of good spankers in the Vancouver area – and I’ve even posted on the subject myself. Not to say you can’t get CP here – many Dommes are happy to spank and I’ve visited some here in YVR over the past few years. But the spanking is usually incorporated into other forms of activity and seldom fills a significant portion of the time of the session. What I’ve been missing is a session in which spanking is the main course and the desert, garnished with plenty of verbal scolding and ritualistic behaviour on both sides. A good spanking is something to be savoured by the spanker and the one spanked. It shouldn’t be rushed – and a good spanker knows it.

Nope. For those of us looking for a pure spanking experience, here in YVR there aren’t very many options. A glance in the Fetish section of GS usually finds one or two and I’ve tried one of them and it was just OK; I didn’t feel the chemistry with this SP and she seemed to be in a rush to end the session. At one point I asked her to increase the force of her strokes, she reacted almost with some disgust – for real, not in a role playing kind of way. Still, a mediocre spanking is better than none at all, which is how I accidentally discovered Strict Jane, someone who specializes in administering discipline to a deserving backside.

One day when googling a local spanker who calls herself Jane, I found the website of “Strict Jane”. Nothing on the menu here but spanking. If you take a look at her website you’ll see what I mean – written by someone who understands the art of spanking. I hadn’t noticed a city so emailed to ask. To my surprise Strict Jane said she might be passing through Vancouver. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later I got a followup email, Strict Jane would be in town and available for sessions.

In order to see Strict Jane, you fill in an online application form with as much detail as you feel comfortable with. Shortly after that we were exchanging emails about how the session would go, where and when. I was encouraged when she asked me some questions which showed she’d been reading my correspondence. I arrived at the destination on time and Ms Jane was ready and waiting. I’d been told not to be late or I’d receive extra! Tempting as this was, I opted to make a good first impression and arrived right on time.

A petite but very attractive woman shot me a friendly smile as I approached. She held out a small hand and I wondered how much of a spanking she could serve up with it. We walked to the room together making smalltalk and I kept thinking that soon I’d be over this pretty woman’s knee for a hard, bare-assed spanking – this was going to be good!. And she is physically attractive which is only intensified by other qualities which soon became apparent – friendly, articulate, funny and imaginative. I actually wondered how she could switch to her chosen role and be convincing at it, but I needn’t have worried. My session was 90 minutes which consisted of time to chat at the beginning and end and at least an hour in which to experience a rich variety of disciplinary measures – in different positions, in different degrees of undress, with different cadences and occasional extra strokes thrown in for unbecoming behavior.

If you check her website you will notice she offers Life Coaching with a kinky twist – if you don’t meet the life goals she helps you set for yourself, you’ll be disciplined for it. Since She was just passing through Vancouver, life coaching didn’t apply – we wouldn’t be able to have followup meetings on any kind of meaningful schedule – but Ms Jane is quite happy to organize a session involving role play, and the details of that were part of the email exchange leading up to our session. Ms Jane played her role to the max – an angry headmistress punishing a student for bad behaviour.

I could have stayed all day and taken more of this Woman’s strict guidance. She diverted slightly – I’d asked to be disciplined by hand and paddle, but she’d brought several implements along and used them all – wooden spoon, rubber whip, paddles, hand and – best of all – canes. I’d never been caned before but she wielded it with skill and determination. This is now on my must-have list of implements when being disciplined.

I’d asked her to be careful about leaving marks – another topic of discussion before we actually began. She took the request seriously and I could tell She had a lot of experience at not leaving much visual evidence. Despite that, the cane – and I only had 4 blows from it – left an impression which lasted more than a few days. However, the sensation more than made up for the inconvenience, that’s for sure! Still, if you can’t tolerate a lot of marking, I’d be sure and ask her to stick to what you are comfortable with in terms of implements.

Overall, the session met or exceeded my expectations in all areas and I’ll repeat for sure. Ms Jane passes thru YVR from time to time and I’ll be looking forward to her next visit.

I wouldn’t consider her a big threat to the local SPs. Strict Jane’s service is truly spanking only and she is only in town once in a while. But if you enjoy being properly disciplined at the hand of a highly attractive woman who administers discipline with enthusiasm, I’d recommend a visit to Strict Jane if you ever get the chance.