Discipline Coaching

It’s rare. It’s effective. It’s what you’ve always wanted; to be encouraged to do your best by a strict woman who expects exactly that: your best. You haven’t had that since you were a child. Isn’t it time you added some oomph to get you moving towards your most audacious goals?

As a discipline coach, I change lives for the better by utilising the skillset of any experienced life coach. What makes my service unique is the addition of disciplinary leverage, where you’ll get punishments when they are due and rewards when they are earned.

As unusual as it seems, my discipline coaching framework is highly effective. I will motivate you towards pleasurable outcomes (rewards and goals) and away from unpleasant consequences (failure and punishments). In this way, you’ll be doubly motivated to achieve your goals and results will be surprisingly fast.


Are you curious about these consequences? Following is a list of punishments, as agreed to by previous clients, which will give you an idea of the leverage I remotely employ:

  • The punitive writing of sentences
  • Taking a timed, cold shower
  • Restricted use of TV/iPad/internet/Netflix etc.
  • No video games
  • Early bedtimes
  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Exercises such as push-ups, squats and climbing stairs
  • Being grounded
  • Wearing your most horrible clothing in public
  • The banning of sweet treats
  • Monetary fines
  • Charitable work
  • Writing letters of apology or forgiveness
  • Mouth soaping
  • Self-paddling (last but not least!)
Was it in school that you were last disciplined? You should try it as an adult.

Leverage in Coaching

Life coaching uses emotional leverage to keep a person on track, while discipline coaching uses emotional as well as physical leverage for the same purpose. It is merely a different means to the same end.

With traditional life coaching, the client commits to certain actions and goals. The client typically does not wish to disappoint their coach, or themselves, by failing to do the things they committed to. This is accountability in the form of emotional leverage.

With discipline coaching, accountability to actions and goals is of a tangible nature. When the client fails on their commitments, the coach points out this disappointment while also ensuring that the client experiences a negative consequence. The client must process their remorse in a physical manner, knowing that they are ‘wiping the slate clean’ in doing so. Once this punishment has been carried out, the client will be highly motivated to take action towards their goals once more.

Which form of leverage would you respond to?

What’s Best For You?

Discipline coaching isn’t always right for everyone. If that’s you, please know that it is possible to work with me and receive coaching without the addition of disciplinary consequences. I will be a strict life coach and your greatest ally.

At any point we can alter our arrangement according to what’s best for you, so don’t be afraid to get started with discipline coaching.

All new clients are assessed for suitability to the various methods I employ and all consequences are negotiated in advance between myself and my client. Physical consequences will be carried out by the client in a remote manner, as agreed upon. I may be watching or instructing via an audio or video call for extra accountability.

Once you complete my Application Form, we can discuss the coaching format that will best serve you in transforming your current situation.

Discipline in the Workplace

‘You’re a changed man,’ his boss says, from behind his large desk. ‘We’ve all noticed it recently. So tell me, what’s your secret?’

The employee smiles briefly, enjoying his boss’s curiosity. No harm in telling the old man the truth. ‘I’ve been working with a coach, actually.’

‘A coach? Tell me more.’

‘Well, I hired this coach to push me towards some huge personal goals and now everything’s falling into place in my life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.’

‘It’s certainly improved your work here.’ His boss taps his pen thoughtfully. ‘A life coach, eh?’

The employee hesitates but decides to tell it like it is. ‘A Discipline Coach, Sir. Like a life coach, but more, ah, assertive.’

‘A Discipline Coach? I like the sound of that. Maybe I should get one for each of my workers and see if they improve as you have.’

‘Maybe.’ He hides a grin, enjoying the thought of his peers being held accountable to this particular coach. ‘It’s been an intense process, Sir, but it sure pays off.’

‘They’ll handle it. Who is this discipline coach of yours?’

‘Well, Sir, her name is Strict Jane…’

That was just for laughs (however, if you are a boss looking for a unique coaching format for your employees, you know how to contact me!).

Your performance may improve in all areas once you get moving with discipline coaching, so don’t be surprised if people at work do notice something new about you.

Get started and find out for yourself how a little dose of discipline goes a long way!