Hi there, Ladies! I wanted to create a special place to speak to you directly. Are you a woman who seeks discipline? I have met many women who have secretly been interested in the idea of discipline for as long as they can remember, yet they waited half a lifetime before doing anything about it. 

If this is you, I encourage you to make contact with me. It may seem scary to acknowledge this side of yourself, but you must know by now that it won’t go away by ignoring it. I invite you to get in touch with me to finally come to peace with this part of you.

“Don’t wait until it’s too late as I almost did. Most of my life has been spent in ‘pause mode’ due to questions that came from my own self-doubt and anxiety. I found some big answers with Jane. A huge weight has been lifted from my chest and finally I can live my life without feeling out of place.”

– Female Client, 51

I prefer to work with mature women who are serious about understanding themselves at a deeper level. The women I work with are open to change and new ideas. They enjoy speaking to a female who ‘gets them’ and who will not judge or be hesitant to discuss any topic that might normally remain taboo. My discussions with my female clients are usually a lot of fun, although there is also a serious side that has to be addressed. It is this balance of light and dark that makes these sessions enjoyable and effective.

Discipline coaching offers the best combination of two separate frameworks; the first is Discipline (in its own right) and the second is Coaching. You may choose either, or both.

You may choose to work towards your goals while being held accountable with specific types of discipline, or you may prefer to avoid that type of accountability in your coaching program. It works either way, and I am flexible in catering to your needs when it comes to resolving any lifelong issues or interests that need to be addressed.

You may have some specific areas you’d like to improve, such as health or relationships. I often hear from women who wish to lose weight/get fit (or regain control in some other area), who have tried many approaches in the past without success. When they sign up for my strict accountability, with specific disciplinary measures in place to hold them to their goals, they are blown away by the difference it makes in their lives.

Having goals is not necessary in order to work with me. You may just want to speak to a female disciplinarian about why you have your need. If it seems right at the time, you may also receive the discipline that you know you need.

I know there are a lot of concerns playing on your mind as you consider getting in touch with me. What if it’s scary? What if Strict Jane is too intimidating? What if I’m not good enough for her treatment? What if she doesn’t make me feel okay about myself? What if someone finds out that I am into this kind of thing? What am I getting into? I suggest you take me up on my offer of a complimentary 20 minute call, where you will soon have an idea of what it will be like to be in contact with me.

I have worked with enough women to know that you may already have had unpleasant experiences when seeking discipline, or you have been too shy to try it. Many a woman has put her trust and vulnerability in the hands of someone for a real life session, only to find that the intentions of that disciplinarian were not pure. Or, her desire for discipline is completely misunderstood and both parties wind up feeling uncomfortable and at odds with each other.

Your primal need for discipline will continue, despite these negative events, yet you may become fearful of being taken advantage of or misunderstood. It becomes safer to repress the urge. Sadly, you could remain in this frustrated state for a long time, with your physical and emotional needs unfulfilled and your true self aching for more.

In terms of working with me, you can be assured of always being supported, safe and understood. I will listen to you, empower you and help you thrive alongside your need for discipline so that you can live a joyous and fulfilled life.

To get started, please complete my Application Form. You may then arrange a free 20 minute call with me, or send me an email. At the very least, please subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll soon realise that I’m real and approachable and willing to help. For those who remain fearful, I will gently point out that working remotely with a female Discipline Coach is your easiest and safest option when seeking to understand your own need for discipline.

It may be the start of a whole new journey for you, or it may be only a brief exploration that is enough to get rid of some long-held judgements and confusions about yourself. You’ll probably never feel 100% ready to face your needs, yet you know that you have to if you want to finally get to the bottom of things. I will do my best to help you with your particular questions or concerns, and if you have goals you’d like to work on, I can help with that as well.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. For a little extra inspiration, please read the following recent (2020) testimonial.

Testimonial…in her words:

“This is a testimony from someone who was really a complete novice before beginning my life coaching sessions with Strict Jane. I was always interested in spanking, though I was never in the right situation to enter that world, so for 20 years I remained a lurker on the sidelines…READ MORE